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POSTED ON September 10, 2017

New Owner Takes the Helm at Hickory Creek Winery

In early September, the ownership and management of Hickory Creek Winery in Baroda Township officially changed hands from previous owners Eric and Jayne Wagner to Adam McBride of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Hickory Creek is featured on the Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail and sits on a picturesque 38-acre farm and vineyard in Southwest Michigan. 

The winery brand, logo, and product offerings will remain consistent through the transition. According to incoming owner and winemaker Adam McBride, “Eric and Jayne have built a brand that focuses on a classic European winemaking style featured in a postcard picture setting at Hickory Creek Winery.  I hope to maintain the reputation they have worked hard to build over the past few years.  I know Eric has prided himself on making elegant wines featuring the varietals this part of Michigan is known for.  And Jayne has created a welcoming feel in both the tasting room and the cottage.  I want to continue what they have started.”

McBride, a West-Michigan native, describes his purchase of the winery as a long-time dream becoming a reality.  After college, he served for nearly a decade on active duty in the US Air Force before returning home to West Michigan where he spent several years directing logistics and transportation operations first for Steelcase and then Stryker, two of Michigan’s most prominent manufacturers.  He explains, “My passion for wine and my dream of owning a winery started over ten years ago while traveling across Europe and living in German wine country during my last duty assignment in the military.  The dream has always been in the back of my mind since then.  I really started positioning myself to take this leap a couple years ago.  It’s hard to believe it is actually happening.”  McBride completed his Master’s Degree in Business Administration last year at Michigan State to prepare himself for the rigors of starting and operating his own business.  He followed that up by taking on his formal wine education in California, studying at the Napa Valley Wine Academy under winemakers, sommeliers, brand managers, and other industry experts.  He now holds a Level 3 Award with Distinction from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust based in London.

The transition of the business from the previous owners is just the beginning of the hard work for the 40-year old father of two.  As both owner and winemaker, McBride faces a steep learning curve from the very start.  In a matter of days after completing the transition, the grape harvest will start in full force.  The winery will attempt to process enough grapes to return its storage tanks and barrels to full capacity, a necessity after the brutal winters of 2014 and 2015 devastated grape harvests and depleted Hickory Creek’s inventories.  McBride is the first to admit he will need a lot of help.  “Fortunately, Eric (previous owner and winemaker) has agreed to help me through the transition in a consulting capacity.  I am also lucky to be retaining key employees who have been with Hickory Creek for years” he continued.

The local winemaking community has also shown its support for the newcomer.  Experienced winemakers and local business owners have guided McBride on many aspects of the business.  In addition to providing technical expertise and advice, multiple wineries have signed on to supply fruit for the 2017 harvest.  The collaboration between the local wineries in Southwest Michigan is unique according to McBride, something he hasn’t witnessed between competitors during his time in the corporate world.  “I’ve been amazed by the support of the (Lake Michigan Shore) Wine Trail and its 21 member wineries.  The other winemakers and winery owners have welcomed me into the community with open arms.  They all want to see Hickory Creek do well and they genuinely want to help me get started on the right track as the new guy.  The collaborative spirit is refreshing.  Everyone is pulling together to set us up for success.”

When asked about his vision for the winery, McBride’s plans are simple.  “I want to continue Eric and Jayne’s legacy of crafting high quality small batch wines in the classic European style.  I want customers to see our products and wine overall as approachable and our staff as welcoming and authentic.  I also want a visit to Hickory Creek to be enjoyable and educational.  Hopefully our customers have fun, but also learn something from their visit.”

Hickory Creek features a selection of red, white, and rose wines.  Many of the red wines feature Cabernet Franc either as varietal or in Bordeaux-style blends.  White wines feature Riesling and Chardonnay, both as varietals and in blends.  They range from dry to semi-sweet.  The Hickory Creek tasting room is located on the winery premises at 750 Browntown Road in Buchanan, Michigan.  It is open daily from May to October (Monday and Thursday 11am-5pm, Friday 11am-6pm, Saturday 11am-7pm, and Sunday noon-6pm).  From November to April, it has limited opening hours (Monday 11am-5pm, Friday 11am-5pm, Saturday 11am-6pm, and Sundays noon-5pm). The property also features a 2-story cottage available for rent through Airbnb and VRBO.  Details for the tasting room and cottage can be found at and on the Hickory Creek Winery Facebook page.