Hickory Creek Winery is a boutique winery with a passion for classic and refined European wines made from locally grown grapes. Our wines are hand-crafted from vine to label.

  • Our fruit is selected and harvested based on flavors; not numbers.
  • All small lot fermentation.
  • We age our wines in French oak barrels and steel tanks.
  • Individual lots are kept separate until final blending. We never mix vintages.
  • Our Winemaker is involved in every part of the wine making process.
  • 100% Lake Michigan Shore AVA


The Fruit

Hickory Creek’s vineyards all fall within the Lake Michigan Shore AVA.  The uniqueness of the LMS AVA is its varied soil types, caused by the Wisconsin glacial period 12 to 13 thousand years ago. In general, every hilltop is slightly different, giving each vineyard it’s own unique signature.  Most soils are loamy and well drained. Base is 50° F, which is greater than Burgundy and Bordeaux France, but equal to Bolzano Italy and St. Helena California. The length of the LMS AVA growing season is from 165 days to 195 days and has, on average, less than 2 days below –4° F per year.  This is important because at –5° F the vine suffers from cold.

Hickory Creek Winery uses sustainable vineyard practices and focuses on overall vineyard health, including promotion of beneficial insects and herbs. Our vineyards are trellised to vertical shoot position (VSP) and are pruned to 30 to 40 nodes per plant. This keeps crop levels consistent and requires less green harvest at véraison. Vineyards are summer hedged and leaf pulling is done on most varieties.