Our Story

History of Hickory Creek Winery

Hickory Creek Winery was founded by three partners in August 2006, with a red barn built to house the tasting room and winery.  It’s inspiration for design was a nearby barn admired by many in the area.  The tasting room features a hand hewn hickory wood tasting bar and large window through which guests can view the production facility.  The winery grounds have a lovely heirloom apple tree with a tire swing, and picnic tables with straw bales and blankets, for visitors’ enjoyment.  Hickory Creek, which flows into Lake Michigan after it’s journey up to St. Joseph, borders the property to the south.  

In September 2017, Adam McBride took ownership of Hickory Creek Winery.  He continues the tradition of hand-crafting old world European style wines from our local Lake Michigan Shore AVA (American Viticultural Area). 


Our Mission. Our Passion. Our Philosophy.

Hickory Creek Winery has a passion for creating wine from grapes that are grown in our AVA’s distinctive terroir. Many don’t realize our area of Michigan, which borders the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, is the largest non-citrus fruit producing area in North America. The combination of soil and climate associated with being near the lake make for ideal grape growing conditions. Our AVA’s  grapes contribute to a wonderful depth of fruit in our wines, and we are proud to continue the tradition of Michigan’s fruit industry.

We carefully select grapes from local vineyards – many of which are owned by friends and neighbors. The respect for these grapes is evident in our winemaking, capitalizing on the flavor nuances of each of these vineyards.

We are a small winery and produce limited quantities of high quality wine. Because we are small, we are able to hand-craft and produce our wines – from picking the grapes to labeling, corking and capsuling every bottle of wine. Our intent is to deliver the passion we have for Hickory Creek wine in every glass that is poured.

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